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Power Of The Swoosh

Sensing Speed
And Tempo ...

Hearing the sound of your golf swoosh could easily mean that your golf game has arrived at the next level. You have achieved speed with control. [MORE...]

Swing Check-5 Golf Practice Drill

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BLOG: Perfectly
Simple Golfing Tips

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The swoosh is the sound that some things make when moving through the air. It's also the check mark symbol that Nike uses as its logo. In great golf swings, the same sound gives you a sense of tempo and increased speed.

Simple Tips,
Powerful Swing

In The Style
Of Tiger

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Simple Tips, Powerful Swing

So, let’s see if you can use the power of the golf swoosh to increase your club head speed and at the same time create a tempo you can use in your swing.

To do this stand erect with your feet together and heels touching; this shows you what good balance will do. Now take your favorite club or any golf club for that matter and grip it in your right hand (for right-handed players).

Once you have the club gripped with only one hand, swing it to the top of your back swing. Make sure it is parallel to the ground and that your wrist is flexed at a 90-degree angle with the shaft; this is called wrist cock.

While you have the club in this position, notice that your forearm is directly under and supporting the weight of the golf club. If it is not, practice this until you get it positioned this way.

Now start your down swing by dropping your right elbow (for right-handed players) down your side and swing through to a full finish. This should be an effortless swing and should not cause you to move your feet or be off-balance. You will notice that the elusive sound will start to happen on the last part of the swing, from impact to follow-through.

If you straighten the 90-degree angle of your wrist flex and the shaft too soon, you will cast the club and will lose all your power. You should hold this angle as long as you can. Gravity will take it away; don’t worry. Then comes the sound.

In The Style Of Tiger

The swoosh happens when the golf club is swung correctly because the angle held in the down swing is not released until the club shaft straightens at impact and is accelerated during the follow-through.

If you have ever seen Tiger Woods hit a tee shot, the sound made during his swing is tremendous. That is the power of the Tiger swoosh.

Learning how to swing a club this way will give you more speed and control. And what is speed without control. It is a disaster.

Now see if you can hear yours? Then see if you can take the sound to the next level.

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