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Tips For Golf Pitching

Getting Over
Those Obstacles ...

Golf pitching is used when you need to get over something. A pitch shot usually requires stopping. Sometimes, but not often, you will need a pitch to roll. [MORE...]

Swing Check-5 Golf Practice Drill

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BLOG: Perfectly
Simple Golfing Tips

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You'll often need to pitch over rough, sand traps, water, and anything that is between you and the green. It is very much like chipping. Golfers easily get both mixed up. Imagine that you are pitching pennies to a specific spot. That is the image you should have in mind while in the pitching process. Once the ball hits the spot, how much will it need to roll or stop to get to the cup?

Don't Blade The Ball

Center The Ball

Don't Look

Swing Through
The Ball

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Perfectly Simple
Golfing Tips


Don't Blade The Ball

Your left wrist (for right-handed players) should never break during the golf pitching process. It should remain firm (straight). If it does not, you will blade the ball.

Center The Ball

Pitching with the ball position in the center of your stance will cause the pitch to check-up some, and then release. Practice this to gauge the distance of release. It will change with the use of different clubs.

Don't Look

In pitching, as in all swings of the golf club, you must be certain that your head remains still. Many golfers make the mistake of looking too soon to see where the ball went. Don’t look.

Swing Through The Ball

Remember to swing through the ball. If you hold on to the shot (don’t release the club), you will more than likely leave the clubface open. Let the clubface close naturally.

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