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Perfectly Simple Golfing Tips

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How To Really Begin Playing For Par ...

Your search for simple golfing tips is over. Welcome to, home of the perfectly simple do-it-yourself golf tips. [MORE...]

Swing Check-5 Golf Practice Drill

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BLOG: Perfectly
Simple Golfing Tips

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Enjoy Your Golf Game More

Like all golfers - beginners and seasoned "pros" alike, you want to improve your game; you want to get more distance; and you want to enjoy the game more.

You will find simple golfing tips about Grip; all the lowdown on Putting; the long and short of Golf Irons; hard-driving Fairway Metals; those Sand Shots; and even the always-confusing difference between Chipping and Pitching. These are just a few reasons you'll want to bookmark this web page.


Get More Out Of Your Golf Practice

With so many paths to improving your golf game, without a good understanding of the fundamentals of golf, you will just wander aimlessly from one correction to another.

But once you understand how to accept and work simple golfing tips into your game, you will be able to better enjoy the game, save money on golf balls, and get more out of your practice.

Lower Your Golf Scores

Discover a new confidence level as you find hot tips for managing your overall Course Strategy, including 20 Steps To A Better Golf Shot. And hear your very own swoosh as you master the Swing Check-5 drill, or The ABS Method.

As you improve your game and begin playing for par, your golf score will be the first thing affected. Of course, that is what we all want... lower golf scores! But how?

Never Again Play From Memory

For starters, here's one of several perfectly simple golfing tips; this one is unusually important.

Regardless of whether you are on the fairway, in the rough or in a sand trap, this tip is about a very easy process that begins with one important task - recordkeeping, as in documentation.

What does documentation have to do with golf, you ask? Lots. If you really want to get better in golf, you must stop playing from memory.

Now that's just one of the perfectly simple golfing tips presented by - so you can begin playing for par.


BLOG ...Simple Golfing Tips
Simple Golfing Tips Blog is what tips for golfing were meant to be - simple, useful and to the point. Add this to your favorite blog reader to stay current on the latest hot tips for golfing.

Golf Alignment
How you "zero" your golf alignment makes all the difference. See why alignment is a key golf fundamental.

Golf Ball Speed
Try these golf ball speed tips and see how far your ball will roll. Speed is an important calculation in how much distance the golf ball travels.

Golf Chipping
Use these simple golf chipping tips and discover how to really get the ball rolling on the green.

Golf Course Strategy
Look at your golf course strategy as the overall game plan for staying on the fairway and away from hazards.

Golf Driver
The golf driver helps you define distance on the fairway, but do you know the six things you must define before using the driver club?

Golf Grip
Get a grip on your golf grip. See why it is easily the most important part of the golf swing.

Golf Irons
These tips about golf irons should get you more comfortable with the long and short of it all. Learn how to use these clubs and see why they don't call them irons for nothing.

Golf Pitching
These simple golf pitching tips may be the only things standing between you and the green.

Golf Pre-Shot Routine
This golf pre-shot routine walks you through what you should think about before you swing the golf club.

Golf Putting
Follow these golf putting tips on and off the course. Soon you'll be practicing how you putt and putting like you practice.

Good Putting Stroke
See how a good putting stroke on a golf ball combines your sighting of the target line with your use of the correct ball speed.

Golf Sand Shots
Find out why golf sand shots are said to be the easiest shots in golf. But don't fall for a common mistake made by some golfers.

Golf Swing Check-5
Your golf swing practice is only five steps away from perfection. You can take this swing check to the bank anywhere, anytime.

Golf Target Line
Seeing down the golf target line is an essential part of putting. Here is what you must do before settling on a particular line.

A Better Golf Shot
A better golf shot awaits you if you make these 20 steps a part of your pre-shot routine.

Buried Sand Shots
Knowing how tricky buried sand shots can be you cannnot afford to pass up on these perfectly simple golfing tips.

Fairway Metals
Pick up some tips about using fairway metals effectively on the golf course, when no other club will do.

Hitting Hard: A Golf Balancing Act
Golf balancing is easier said than done but it is absolutely critical to your game. This golf tip can help you achieve balance.

Improving Golf Alignment
Improving golf alignment requires three things. Learn your A-B-S and you will master golf alignment in no time.

Long Golf Irons
With long golf irons it is not how fast or how slow you swing. Find out what matters with these long golf iron clubs.

Plum-bobbing your way to a better golf putt could be as natural as gravity if you learn to follow these simple tips of the trade.

Power Of The Swoosh
Do you hear your swoosh? You will when your golf club speed hooks up with your swing tempo. Here's how.

Putting With A Good Stroke
When putting the golf ball, you may not see the target line corrrectly and you may not roll the ball with the correct speed every time, but here's how to put a good stroke on the ball every time.

Short Golf Irons
With short golf irons it is not how fast or how slow you swing. Learn about what matters with these short golf iron clubs.

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