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Hitting Hard: A Golf Balancing Act

Swing Faster,
Not Harder ...

In golf, hitting the ball as hard as you can requires that you stay balanced and on plane. You can perfect this balancing act by practicing slowly. [MORE...]

Swing Check-5 Golf Practice Drill

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Why is hitting it hard a golf balancing act? The thought behind this is to first get balanced and stay balanced; don’t move. Once you have learned this you will find you can swing faster and faster, without hitting harder.

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Practice Slowly

Stay Balanced

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Hitting As Hard As You Can

To hit the ball hard does not mean to focus on just hitting the ball hard. It really means to swing as fast as you can and remain balanced. Doing this requires you to first adjust your swing plane so when you do make contact with the golf ball, it will be on line, on target. This is not easy.

Practice Slowly

Once you start to swing fast you will find that striking it pure gets harder and harder. Now, you know this will be the difficult part. You must practice slowly until you find your plane and swing.

A slow swing drill will be to hit balls by swinging to nine o’clock and finish full. Notice the distance with each club so when you are between clubs you will know which swing will get you the distance needed at that time.

Stay Balanced

Gradually move to a full swing which will be 12 o’clock. Notice again how much harder it is to hit a pure shot from this position. The slower you swing, the better contact you are able to make; thus this will be the beginning of your hard swing.

To hit it as hard as you can you must stay balanced and on plane. Does swinging at 70 percent or 80 percent sound familiar? That is as fast as most golfers can swing and stay in balance.

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