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Tips For An Effective Golf Grip

More Fingers,
Less Palm ...

The golf grip is critical. It is not optional because you can’t play golf without some type of grip. [MORE...]

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BLOG: Perfectly
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Given that there are several kinds of grips, you have some choices - the overlapping, the interlocking, or the two-handed grip (for weak hands), just to name a few. It totally depends on you which type of grip you use.

Grip Rule
Number One

Grip Rule
Number Two

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Rule Number One

No matter how you grip the golf club there are some things that must present.

First and foremost, the face of the club must be square at address and at impact. This is necessary so you have some idea where the ball will go once you strike it.

A square club face is required to strike the golf ball solid. This is something that must be repeatable if you are to have a consistent golf swing. So, for an effective grip, really we are talking about a square club face to get a solid strike on the golf ball.

Hold that thought for a moment.

Rule Number Two

Have you ever considered your body as a symmetrical object? You have a right side and you have a left side. Stand erect with your arms down to your sides and your thumbs along the seam of your pants - if you are wearing pants? (Smile).

Now, if you were to put a golf club in your hand (right or left) and square the face, this would be an address position grip - no matter how you hold it.

But, if it is at your side, you can only hold the club with one hand. Now raise the club and notice where your thumb is positioned before you place your other hand on the club.

Your thumb should be just on the right side of the grip, with the vee (between your thumb and index finger) pointing to your right shoulder. You must be able to repeat this grip position each time to address the ball square.

Next, if you can align yourself to a target with a square club face and swing down the line to your target, you might just strike the ball solid. You will know when it is a solid strike.

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