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20 Steps To A Better Golf Shot

The Devil Is
In The Details ...

You are now exactly 20 steps away from a better golf shot. From tee box to putt and every swing in between, the devil is in the details. [MORE...]

Swing Check-5 Golf Practice Drill

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BLOG: Perfectly
Simple Golfing Tips

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Here is a list of things that would be very helpful as part of your golf pre-shot routine. These are perfectly simple tips that stand between you and your best golf shot. How well you master this routine makes all the difference between hard work and easy play on the golf course.

Pre-Shot Routine

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Better Golf Shot

Perfectly Simple
Golfing Tips

Golf Course

20-Step Pre-Shot Routine

  1. Use a tee when on the tee box.
  2. Choose a target before addressing from behind the ball.
  3. Find an intermediate point to align yourself to your target.
  4. Look at the ball to see what kind of lie it has before choosing a club.
  5. Take the wind into consideration.
  6. Find any fairway trouble, and play away from it, if possible.
  7. Always play short of trouble or go over it if possible.
  8. Consider how high the rough is and whether you can get out of it.
  9. Notice if the course is wet or very dry.
  10. Ask yourself if this is an uphill or downhill shot.
  11. Choose your target and club by the lie of the ball.
  12. Visualize the shot required to get the ball to target.
  13. Consider all the preceding steps and pick a club to make your shot. Remember to keep a shot-by-shot log of which clubs you used on each hole.
  14. Think about whether you want the ball to stop or roll after it reaches its target.
  15. Take several practice swings until you have created the stroke necessary to get your ball to its target.
  16. Now, think about swinging the club you picked correctly and not where the ball will go. Keep your head down.
  17. Commit to swinging the club.
  18. Now do it - swing the golf club.
  19. When putting, pick a line and judge the speed. Keep your head down and don’t peek. Now put a good stroke on the ball and listen for the ball to go in the cup.
  20. Repeat the entire pre-shot routine at each hole.

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