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Improving Golf Alignment

It's Really As
Easy As ABS ...

Seriously improving golf alignment requires you to know your ABS. Just when you thought ABS was just something in cars, here comes a golf ABS method. [MORE...]

Swing Check-5 Golf Practice Drill

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BLOG: Perfectly
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Just remember "ABS" as in address, ball position, swing. These are the three keys to improving golf alignment. Until you get consistent doing these things, you may never see your real swing.

The ABS Method

Addressing The Ball

Ball Position

Swing Down
Target Line

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The ABS Method

You will be surprised how well these few basic fundamentals show you where you really need practice.

Address The Ball

Address the ball by placing the club behind the ball and square to the target. Use the intermediate point for targeting. Next with the right foot (for right-handed players) square to the target, step on a parallel line adjacent to your target line.

Next move your left foot parallel to the target line and alongside your right. Hopefully you are aimed at your target. Get a friend to verify your alignment. This is a fundamental you must use each and every time.

Ball Position

Ball position is a must for consistent ball striking. This is what changes during the course of a golf game if not monitored. You must check it each and every time you address the ball.

The ball position for the driver should be played off the inside of the left heel.

Long clubs such as: 3-woods, 2- and 3-irons plus 4 irons would be played better forward of the center ball position. Short irons, such as 7, 8, 9 and pw, should be played center or just a bit behind the center of your stance.

Swing Down Target Line

If you want the ball to stay down, move it back a bit in your stance, and stop your swing from going over your shoulder. Swinging down the target line is something you must get accustomed to, if not already.

"Down the target line" means you keep the club head moving along the target line as long as you can. This requires you to extend your arms down the target line as if you were going to shake someone’s hand with your right hand.

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