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Golf Pre-Shot Routine

The Devil Is
In The Details ...

A golf pre-shot routine is a must-do. Between selecting a target, choosing a club and swinging, there are several simple but necessary steps. [MORE...]

Swing Check-5 Golf Practice Drill

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Surprisingly most golfers often skip right over the important things that will help them accomplish the goal of getting the ball to its target. Their first thought is to hit the ball where they think they want it to go. Sometimes this works, but most of the time you want a real routine.

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What Goes Into Pre-Shot Routine?

Before you swing the golf club you should give a little thought to this question: "Where would be the best place for me to put the ball, given my skills?" This should lead you to at least consider other possibilities as part of your routine.

Feel free to personalize your routine, but here are the main ingredients in between your tee and your putt: target selection, club choice and the swing. Use this strategy for the next 17 holes from the tee box.

Select A Target

It always takes two shots to get to the green, no matter how far your first shot goes. So select a target in the fairway that will give you a clear second shot.
[See Steps 2-3].

Choose A Club

Choose a club that will get you to your target in the fairway while keeping you out of trouble. A 3-metal club is good. Remember it always takes two shots to get to the green; on your approach shot to the green, choose a club that will get you pin high while avoiding trouble.
[See Steps 4-13].

Swing Easy

Swing easy but complete your turn. Be sure to finish the swing.
[See Steps 14-18].

Now repeat the process at each hole across the golf course. But the devil is in the details, so review the full 20-step pre-shot routine.

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