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Golf Ball Speed

A Matter Of Fast
Versus Slow ...

The correct golf ball speed should get the ball to the hole and not much past. That is easier said than done, but here is how you get it done. [MORE...]

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How do you roll the ball with the correct speed? Start with this thought. With the correct speed, the hole is four inches wide. Any faster, the hole shrinks. Yes, that’s right - this is very important.

Ball Speed

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Golf Ball Speed

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The Correct Ball Speed

Too fast and the ball spins out (lip out) or will roll too far past the hole. Too slow and the ball may not even reach the hole at all.

Your goal is to at least get the ball to the hole and not much past, around six- to 12-inches past maximum. Once you get the ball to roll past the hole, watch it very carefully so you will see how it rolled past and the path it took, so you can make the putt coming back. It will be easier if you watch it roll by the first time.

Let's practice like this. Take the putter back (away from the ball) two inches then follow through two inches toward the hole. On a level surface this will roll some four to eight feet. This depends on striking the ball in the center of the putter.

Try this and see how far your ball will roll. Then try striking it on the toe, then the heel of the putter. Two inches back and two inches through; then four inches back and four inches through; then one foot back and one foot through. The idea is, to be consistent on both your back swing and follow-through.

Practice this so you will have some idea of how far back you need to move the putter and follow-through.

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